Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge



About Us

Welcome to the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge! Each of our rooms have an excellent view of the Atlantic Ocean with the tide stopping just 15 feet from your doorstep! Wake up to the call of the gulls and the sound of the Atlantic Ocean! The Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge is a family-owned establishment in Rockport, MA and we're new owners as of April, 2013. Our main goal is to provide clean rooms, a friendly atmosphere, and a memorable experience! Born and raised in Massachusetts, we're excited to be in Rockport and know just how special it is to visit this beautiful town. We've updated the property extensively in the short time that we've owned the property. Simple cosmetic updates, a fresh coat of paint, updated furniture, and air conditioners in each room are just a few of the changes!
What is a Motor Lodge? By definition, a motor lodge is a type of lodging that provides direct access from rooms to the parking area. If you've been to Rockport before, you know just how important the parking aspect really is! Each of our rooms includes free parking on Bearskin Neck; a rare commodity in Rockport. Don't let the motor lodge term fool you! We strive to provide clean rooms and an enjoyable atmosphere during your stay. Grab a bottle of wine and some steamed lobsters and spend some time relaxing on the back deck while you enjoy the sunset. Need restaurant recommendations or ideas for your trip -- just ask! We're here to help.