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Agapé Brewing Community is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, run by a 9-member Board of Directors, with the mission to brew beer, to build community, and to change the world. Agapé (pronounced “ah-GAH-pay”) is one of the Greek words for love. It is the highest and most selfless type of love, the unconditional love we want all of humanity to share. It is the love that inspired us to open a brewery, to host community-oriented events, and to donate all of our profits from beer sales to local charitable organizations.

Brew Beer: Agape Brewing Community has secured a commercial location at 10 Blackburn Center, Gloucester to brew our beer. We have started self-distributing 12oz cans on the North Shore. We hope to start distributing kegs to local establishments very soon! Read about the different flavors of beer here. We hope to open a taproom on site this summer.

Build Community: Once our taproom opens at 10 Blackburn Center in Gloucester, Agape Brewing Community will host a variety of chill, relaxed evenings with good beer, good friends, and good times, including game nights, comedy nights, paint nights, marketplaces, and a variety of other events.

Change the World: All profits received after paying the bills and giving the staff a living wage will be donated to local nonprofits and charity organizations for the betterment of this world. Volunteer opportunities, nonprofit fundraisers, and events will also be available.


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Rev. Jamie Green Klopotoski

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