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Harborlight Montessori is an independent school in Beverly, MA, serving communities North of Boston. Our program spans Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Elementary and Middle School. Our skilled faculty combine best Montessori philosophy with innovative teaching. We also offer a rich range of after school and summer enrichment programs including outdoor adventure and the arts. In many cases, those auxillary programs are open to the greater community. Harborlight's curriculum addresses the fact that children are not equal in their capacity for academic learning. Where a universal, academic curriculum may aggravate those differences, Montessori takes a richer, more varied approach through the prepared learning environment. Our students are encouraged to find out what they are well-suited to do for themselves and to respect the wonderful differences in talent they see in their classmates. Each multi-age classroom respects the diversity of human needs and reflects the global-mindedness we intend to engender in our students. To this end, the Harborlight curriculum first instills a personal understanding of one’s identity and next the interconnectedness of all living things. Each classroom is a thriving social and learning community. In a multiage, interactive setting the students remain in the same classroom with their teachers for a full three-year cycle where they learn shared compassion, and respect for each other. These experiences reflect the natural groupings found in our neighborhoods and communities.


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