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Judah’s Roar Church is a place to come and experience the love of God. Our purpose is for all who come to have their lives transformed by being in His presence. This is not about formulas or programs, it is about relationship with others and exploring the Heart of God together. His heart is a deep, never ending well of love, grace, mercy, and filled with revelation for our lives.

God has a dream for each of our lives and He wants us to know and live out His precious plans for us; it is then that we are satisfied. This is true success – to know who we are and Whose we are, to understand the blueprint that God has written for our lives, and to live our lives from this reality.


Judah's Roar Art & Music Event at Stage Fort Park
Outreach on the Boulevard
Judah's Roar participating in Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar
Participating in Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar
Outreach at Stage Fort Park
Prayer at Stage Fort Park
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